From the Co-Founders:

Welcome to our inaugural Edition No. 1 of Just a Moment - 24 hours in Venice.

Building something from scratch not only involved exploring a city we love and comfortably call home, but it also took us on an incredible journey through very unfamiliar algorithms, admins, assets, and a foreign world of all things digital. Intensely taxing but so gratifying.

We wanted to start with Venice because of it's rich history and beautiful backdrop, the juxtaposition of old and new, a pocket of diversity holding on in the bewilderment of red carpets, Silicon Beach, and continual gentrification.

This first project has only fueled the fire for our next edition. Stay tuned for next season's JAM adventure.

Thank you,
Helen and Annie

Two More Minutes, LLC

Co Founders Helen and Annie

“Just a Moment”

/jəst ə ˈmō mənt/ noun
1. A visual compendium showcasing a day in the life of a person, place, or thing.


Krystal Chang

Krystal Chang is a writer, architect, floral and landscape designer. She lives and works in Santa Monica, over the hill from where she grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Her favorite moments in Venice are discovering the walking streets and dinner time at Gjusta.

Tammy Buchanan

Tammy Buchanan is a freelance writer, born & bred in Los Angeles. She spent much of her formative years cavorting around the Venice boardwalk, chasing the spirit of Jim Morrison. More recently, you can find her oversharing via various online publications.

We would love to give a big thanks to our one and only illustrator, Anna Vignet. Thank you also to Cody Sonntag, Jeffrey Hwang, Triana Cristobal, Christina Graci (Caudalie), Chase Erachi, Heidi Johnson (Hijinx Management), Alex Gallindo (Hourglass), Taylor Cole, Stan Spry (The Cartel), Adam Sinclair, Dan Broadley (Svelte), Damien Farhenfort (General Admission), Cody Metzger (SPY), Matt Ellis and the Matt Ellis Band, Michael Bolger, Liesa Norman/The Leisure Principle, Raoul and the Big Time, Sven Kamm and Alan Boyd. Last but not least, we couldn't have done this without the tireless, talented efforts of Nick Noble who helped us create Just a Moment from scratch.