Just a Moment is the first digital media project made by Two More Minutes, INC, a production company created to study interesting subject matter, inspire and fulfill curiosity and stimulate appreciation using film and other visual media to challenge creativity, have fun while doing it, and share it with the world. We also grew tired of noticing the same lifestyle blogs, instagram accounts, wellness everything and wanted to try our hand first at making a content site we would want to read. We have extreme enthusiasm for our future projects where we plan to tell stories, break rules of normalcy and enjoy continuing to learn the balance of life's ebb and flow.

Making Edition No. 1: Just a Moment in Venice taught us the discipline of working with what you have. In return, we also learned doing that can bring opportunity of gaining new perspectives which can turn your familiar world upside down in a good way. We had fun with the unknown, building something from nothing, and welcomed the unexpected. We were often asked along the way of this first project what we were selling - but our aim was to just make something and so we did.