From the Founder:

Welcome to Edition No. 8 of Just a Moment in Food.

Here we all are...two seasons have now passed since March. As autumn approaches, we are more reliant than ever before to technology during this pandemic. Zoom meetings and FaceTime have helped keep some of us in touch with the world and prevent a total shutdown. School, work meetings, workouts, dinner parties are now through a screen.

Making meals, cooking, baking, even ordering delivery to eat at home is still accomplished the old-fashioned, pre-Covid 19 way,...made by us or someone else with our hands, no serious tech needed, whether using new recipes from scratch, re-making familiar ones, fulfilling beloved menu items, defrosting frozen goods, or opening take out containers. Food/grocery delivery workers are busier than ever. Farmers are adjusting, getting the job done. So are the benevolent local food banks taking care of those in need during these times.

It doesn't feel the same outside in public, but it doesn't feel like the ghost town it did when we first started quarantine. It's ironic, however, that the numbers were so small several months ago in comparison to now - but society seems to be out and about, some of us wearing masks, functioning as if this has miraculously gone away. It hasn't. Yet.

It also doesn't feel the same outside as the wildfires here in California have turned up early along with storms and hurricanes across the country with intensity levels matching the reality of global warming and climate change - which used to be an issue before the pandemic struck. It still is. We have lots to work on and probably can better move forward on helping the environment if the administration changes come November.

JAM's previous fall issue was also on food - in the season of cooler temperatures, harvest and Thanksgiving. We wanted to highlight the joy of cooking again...bring focus to how grateful we are for finding simple things to keep us going.

Please continue to stay safe and take care of yourselves and others.

All the best,
Two More Minutes, Inc.

JAM fall founder photo

Helen on beach getaway Oxnard 9/6/20

Just a Moment

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1. A visual compendium showcasing a day in the life of a person, place, or thing.


Krystal Chang

Krystal Chang is a writer and designer of flowers, installations, and landscapes in Los Angeles. Her background in architecture and construction informs the spatial quality of her work. She creates bespoke florals for events and clients including Esters Wine Shop, Lunya, Design Within Reach, and Poketo. She designs landscapes for residential and commercial clients with a focus on native and sustainable gardens.
IG: @krystalchang

JAM in House contributpr Christina

Christina Graci is a lover of all things beauty, health and wellness. She has been busy in the industry for 15 years. She is currently doing lots of self care, cooking, and staying active, reconnecting with herself, partner and friends.
IG: @xtinaesthetics

JAM now Triana

Triana Cristobal is an east coast native, west coast transplant. She is a ballerina turned fitness professional. She is also a music maker. You can find her on the dance floor but currently she's back home in nature taking long, beautiful hikes.
IG: @it_me_triana

JAM fall founder whubby

Jeremy and Helen in Oxnard 9/6/20

JAM fall gallery clay hearts

Imogen's clay hearts 9/15/20
(sculpting while studying pop artist Jim Dine in school during studio art class)

Thank you to my daughter, Imogen, and husband, Jeremy, my mom and dad, my friends and family, my JAM team, and especially to all the continuously dedicated healthcare workers, frontline, food banks, farmers, couriers and all the many others helping with economic, racial, gender inequalities, fighting for voting rights and climate change, and creating social justice.