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Just A Moment In Seoul

Capital of South Korea

We visited Seoul for some fun-filled days, before winter snowfall and after their hot humid summer, basking in the comfort of perfect late fall weather while relishing the latest in Korean culture, arresting art, delicious food, and stellar shopping.

Seoul was founded in 18 BC over 2000 years ago but is a bustling metropolis holding a cityscape full of modern skyscrapers beautifully juxtaposed with original palaces, temples and gates hundreds of years old. Similar to New York City's boroughs, the city is divided into 25 districts or "gu" which are further divided into neighborhoods or "dong."

Seoul's streamlined subways are spotlessly clean along with the rest of the super high-tech city which over 10 million people call home. It's where pop culture (and K-pop) coincides with old street markets filled with mouthwatering fare. This is all surrounded in breathtaking summits (the country is 70% mountains) and the vast and placating Han River (the city was strategically built around the massive waterway).

The warm kindred spirits of South Koreans who have endured generations then and now of serious war torn politics show an undying loyalty for their country, heartfelt care for family, education, health and well-being (including a noticeable attentiveness and kind respect to its elderly and children) along with a passion for forging ahead in the tech industry, beauty industry (skincare!), finance, art, and consumerism.

South Korea World Map

Seoul Snapshots

Seoul Tree

Tree wrapped in tender care

Seoul Seaweed

How many kinds of seaweed ?!

Seoul Teddy Bear Store

Teddy bears every size, color

Seoul Subway Window View Seoul Sky

Seoul Sky tower in the sky

Seoul Shinsaegae Dept Store Holiday Lights

Dept stores in holiday mode

Seoul Karaoke Private Room

Private karaoke room please

Seoul Sheet Masks

Which face sheet mask?

Seoul Rice Cake Treats Making

Pretty rice cake treats

Seoul Red Bean Walnut Pastries

Red bean walnut filled yum!

Seoul Rice Seed Crackers

Seeded rice crackers wow!

Seoul Old Next To New Architeture

Very old next to very new

Seoul Palace Ganghwamun Gate

Mountain, palace, urbanscape

Seoul Paparazzi

Seoul pa-pa-paparazzi

Seoul Night Lights Billiards Building

Bright lights at night

Seoul Marketnbindaeduk Lady

Street market "bindaeduk"

Seoul Market Lady Seafood

Nandaemun market homemade

Seoul Market Lady Pickled Peppers

Love pickled everything

Seoul Marinated Crab

Marinated softshell crab

Seoul Pork Leg

It's bigger than he is

Seoul Lobster

Grilled lobster decadence

Seoul Jars Outdoor Storage

Earthen jar outdoor storage

Seoul Girl Bust Sculpture

Sculpture fine art

Seoul Incense Holder

Warrior woman incense holder

Seoul Ginseng

Ginseng good for body & soul

Seoul I Seoul U Scupture

"I SEOUL U" too

Seoul Gimbap Cu

Korean sushi = veggie gimbap

Seoul Gwangwamun With Bus Traffic

Gwanghwamun behind traffic

Seoul Ice Cream Cone

Best ice cream ever

Seoul Fish Market

Pretty fish market

Seoul Galleria Dept Store Holiday Exterior

Galleria decked out in holiday

Seoul Bird Eyes View From Seoul Sky

Bird's-eye view of Seoul

Seoul Eemo Bu Makguli Rice Wine

Uncle's popular makguli

Seoul Food Court Yukgaejang Soup Tray

Food court food

Seoul Dried Fish With Rope

Gulbi - salted, dried, delicious

Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza Ii

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Dongdaemun market skyline

Seoul Deer Sculpture

Deer on pedestal sculpture

Seoul City Hall Sculpture Holiday Decor Cage

Holiday cheer, city hall fountain

Seoul City Demonstration

Political demo, not a parade

Seoul Blueberry Muffin Pastries

Fancy pastries, Itaewon

Seoul Chocolates

Chocolate, toilet paper picture

Seoul Ceramic Gold Owl Jar

Marvelous Korean ceramics

Seoul Bikes

Bikes to rent

Seoul Bibimbap

Make your own bibimbap

Seoul Beer Bottles

Specialty beers made in Seoul

Seoul 7 Eleven

7 Eleven with Korean stuff

Seoul Market Chopsticks

Stainless chopsticks for sale

Seoul Statue And Sky

Statue guarding the city